Would You Employ an Interior Designer to Build Your Home?

Imagine going to a furnishings store.

You see a set of curtains that you like.

You love the colours so much that you decide to build a home around them. You call in an interior designer and get him to build the home.

Inevitably the building doesn’t work efficiently or effectively as a home. The plumbing might not work. The electrics, the position of the doors, the construction timbers might not be as strong as they should be. The house probably wouldn’t pass certification by your local council.

So you have to call in an architect and then a builder to remodel the house so that it meets the demands of the family using it.

Obviously no sensible person would begin to even think about building a home around a set of curtains because they like the colour.

Yet that is how 99% of people go about building their website.

· They have a corporate colour or logo that they want their site to match.
· Then they call in an interior designer to design the look of the site.
· Then the designer builds the site.
· And it almost inevitably does not work for those who want to use it… searchers.
· So then they decide to cal in an architect to fix the problem.

The architect is an SEO guy. Not a technical one, that’s a civil engineer but an architect who researches and understands what works from a usability or market point of view.

Before you even begin to discuss the layout of your website with your web-designer, find out what our potential customers want and the build your site around that.

And just like the house, designing, building and decorating, are entirely different skills. You wouldn’t ask your interior designer to design your house so don’t ask your web-designer to design the structure of your website.

The term web-designer can mislead many people because of the “design” element in the term but it’s no different from the design word in interior-designer.

Now you may have your interior designer acting as project manager for building your home. That’s fine because they would consciously employ an architect and builder, plumber, electrician etc.

So don’t overload your web-designer with tasks that they aren’t experienced in undertaking. It’s not fair on them and, as helpful people, they will often agree to do the SEO for you. Yet for both you and your web-designer, you will both end up with a below par website.

To demonstrate the point, how many clients’ websites do you see on Page 1 of Google? Very few.

2 or perhaps 3 for most searches.

You’ll see directories, recruitment sites, education courses and wikis taking up most of the Top 10 sites. In many industries, they take up Page 2 and 3 as well.

The reason is that those sites, which are built by web-designers, aren’t optimised to appear on Page 1. So if your web designer says they know and can do SEO, ask them how many of their clients are on Page 1 of Google.

To be fair, I don’t have a clue about creating a design for a web-site. I know my limitations. Make sure the service providers you employ are honest about their limitations.

Everyone will produce a better result that way.